The 200 Hr TTC - a basic certificate course- prepares you for teaching Yoga techniques to others. This course equips you to teach healthy individuals and children.

The Course gives you comprehensive knowledge on the theoretical and practical aspects of Yoga. The syllabus also consists of experiential learning of unique techniques and concepts which were pioneered by the founders of the Yoga Institute.

The course conforms to the Level - 1 Yoga Instructor QCI scheme-mentored by AYUSH (Govt. of India)

Classical Ashtanga Yoga Syllabus - This complete course covers core principles and philosophical foundations of traditional Yoga. Ideal for Yoga beginners it covers an introduction to the study of: Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samhita. Further, complete immersion into practical experiences of the principal Yoga asanas, pranayamas, Kiryas, concept studies, public speaking, the methodology of teaching etc. are covered. The Yoga Institute pioneered techniques and Bhavas. Detailed anatomy and physiology classes conducted by Yoga experts will cover theory and practice.

On successful completion of the course, which includes required class attendance, submission of assignments, mid-term and final evaluations (theory & practicals), successful students will be awarded certificates of the The Yoga Institute.

Successful students will also be eligible to appear for the QCI - Level 1 certificate exam (viva only), conducted by QCI appointed examiners.

The Yoga Institute is recognised by the Government of India (Ministry of AYUSH - QCI) and is was the first yoga school to be accredited after the AYUSH-QCI scheme was launched.


200Hrs TTC Classes (2 Months) Online

Date: 1st August - 30th September 2020
Days: Monday to Friday
Morning Sessions:
6:30 am - 8:15 am Asana Class
Evening Sessions:
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Theory Class


Open to all. Minimum age 18 years.


Prior registration is compulsory for all in the case of all students.