Corporate Camp

Management of Stress for Corporate Executives.
In this borderless world with modern communication skills, world has become very narrow. The products from one country to another, find their way easily. This brings in lots of challenges and meeting deadlines in a short period resulting in the considerable stress on the Executives. This further gets aggravated especially for women. Of late, serious ailments like diabetes, hypertension and cardiac affect individuals at very young age when they are at the prime of their career.

To help in overcoming these problems, we at The Yoga Institute have designed special workshops for Stress Management

We do not claim that stress can be eliminate totally, but by bringing changes in life style, stress can be "managed" well. Over a period of time, "Yoga as a way of life" becomes part of their subconscious mind.

The corporate workshops are generally of 6 hours duration and have very useful contents. The broad contents are as under:

  • Related Asanas
  • Various techniques of Pranayama
  • Conscious Relaxation Techniques
  • Kriyas - cleaning and strengthening of eyes, nose and throat.
  • 'Sattvic' diet food at appropriate intervals that helps beat stress.
  • Interactive games based on yogic concepts.

These workshops are very unique; refreshing and enjoyable for the participants.

We conduct these workshops at our Institute. Alternatively, we can conduct them at the client's facility.

The workshops can be tailor-made to suit specific requirements of our clients.