Know us Better

Rahul Ramola, after having spent 20 years in a very successful corporate role has transitioned into a passionate wellness coach and yoga trainer. It was his inner calling that led him to quit his successful corporate career and spend close to 2 yrs learning yoga as a dedicated student.

Due to his merit he was asked to teach at The Yoga Institute. He was also entrusted with the resposibility of leading and driving various Yoga initiaives of The Yoga Institute in Mumbai. He has been doing corporate trainings and imparting individual classes for sadhakas of The Yoga Institute.

Rahul considers Smt. Hansaji (Director - he Yoga Institute) as his Yoga guru, idol and life inspiration.

With blessings from HansaJi, The Yoga Institute has bestowed upon Rahul the responsibility to spread the goodness of yoga in its pure and authentic form as was envisaged by founder Shri Yogendraji. Rahul has thus been given the responsibility of managing the Powai Branch of The Yoga Institute.

Rahul firmly believes that if one follows the principles of Maharishi Patanjali as laid down in Yoga Sutra he or she will become a better human being.

The Yoga Sutra that Rahul has made his philosophy of life is:"Tapah Swadhyaya Iswarpranidhanani Kriya Yoga"

Stura 2.1 Self-discipline, self-study and devotion to Ishwara (God) is yoga of action